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During September, 2015 to October, 2015 Our Prime Minister [PM] met many Key persons from Blue Chip Companies in Silicon Valley USA, That's great !!!! But of course we should know some basic reality as well. It's Google, Facebook, Uber, Tesla Motors, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft or any other Giant / small Company, India is the Biggest market for them. They actually don't have any bigger option than us. Not Only for them even for Venture Capital Fund providers and Foreign Investors also India is a GEM. Our Start ups Offer Vast options to them to Invest in India. Overall It's very difficult to Enter in India's Huge but unpredictable market for outside E-commerce giant or start up or technology provider company. So, to invest in India through Indian Start ups only is very safe Investment for them.

We advise China to open the world Information market in their country and even we curse them for their traditional thinking where they are not so much friendly to allow foreign Company to enter in their country very easily but we don't see that by following these way only they build very big empire for their own Internet and E-Commerce Company and start ups. China also welcomes foreign investors in their country but keep them in limit and don't let them own their country's biggest stake in Internet ot E Commerce, rather than this they build very huge market for their local manufacturers and local business units worldwide bu using these technology an investment. On other was in India our maximum start ups are owned by foreigners or they are owning them very fast, isn't it ? So the scenario is in future successful internet or e-commerce or start up companies in India will be manged from USA or Singapore or some unknown country from where they will get the huge Tax benefits and we 1.25 billion people will be the MARKET only for them to generate uninterrupted source of money.

We take Proud on what Indians are doing in India and outside India in the field of IT [ Information Technology ], Telecom, E-commerce or in Pharma but on other side by not using their skills we are again making big mistake. Example is that maybe we are the largest mobile phone consumer in the world but we still use mobile phone which are mage in china not MADE IN INDIA. Can't we make compulsory that if you want to sell you phones in India than don't MAKE FOR INDIA, you MAKE IN INDIA and than you SELL IN INDIA. What you say ? and even this formula can be applicable for all companies who want to sell their products or services in India.

Even Most of the Indian manufacturer companies also Import spare parts from somewhere and assemble it India and even most of the foreign companies will do the same. And we will the only MARKET for them from where they will generate money and will take to their own country. By missing many golden opportunities in past we already did many mistakes and still we are doing the same by not making up by grabbing remaining and up coming vast opportunities. By doing this maybe we can fulfill our dream of Digital India and can proceed for Super Power INDIA.

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